California: Cruise ship linked to COVID-19 prevented from docking

California: Cruise ship linked to COVID-19 prevented from docking

Agency News

San Francisco, Mar 5 : California Governor Galvin Newsom on Thursday ordered the San Francisco-based cruise ship 'Grand Princess' to delay its return to the city as the city is currently in the state of emergency in the wake of COVID-19 cases being found in the city.

The Grand Princess, which had cancelled it's stop in Ensenada, Mexico and was heading directly back for San Francisco, is currently anchored off the coast and it's date of arrival at any coast, is yet to be decided.

Grant Tarling, Chief Medical Officer of the ship, confirmed on Wednesday that some of the people who had traveled in the ship in February, are being investigated by the officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US, for possible COVID-19 infection.

Up till now, two of the ship's former passengers have been found to be infected with COVID-19, with one of them pronounced dead earlier on Thursday. Both the confirmed cases travelled on the cruise ship on February 11-21. The deceased was identified as a 71-year-old man, resident of Rocklin county in California.

With this, COVID-19-related fatalities in the United States have climbed up to 11, while more than 150 cases have been confirmed. Addressing a press conference here, Mr Newsom made it clear on Wednesday that the Grand Princess will not be allowed to dock at the Port of San Francisco, without it being cleared by the Health officials.

The Health officials have confirmed that more than 20 passengers on board have developed flu-like symptoms and would be tested for COVID-19, in addition to the 62 people, who remained on board from the earlier Mexico trip.

The Grand Princess is owned by the same company, which owned the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where more than 700 people tested positive for coronavirus and were trapped at a port in Japan for weeks, last month. (UNI)