British passengers to be airlifted from virus-hit cruise ship

British passengers to be airlifted from virus-hit cruise ship

Agency News

Some 74 British passengers will be airlifted and will arrive back home on Saturday after spending more than two weeks stuck on a quarantined cruise ship in a Japanese port due to the coronavirus outbreak.

But the latest report said that the airlifting exercise got delayed due to some logistical complications. British Misters yesterday announced a flight would finally leave Tokyo on Friday evening local time and fly 74 Brits who've been stranded on the vessel for 16 days to MoD Boscombe Down in Wiltshire.

They were supposed to land at a defence ministry airfield in southwestern England on a government-chartered plane from Tokyo and being taken straight to quarantine facilities. But the British embassy in Japan revealed today the evacuation flight was delayed because it was 'logistically complicated'.

The Diamond Princess liner was carrying 3,700 people, including 78 Britons, when it was quarantined in Yokohama on February 5. More than 620 passengers on board have been infected with the coronavirus, the most outside mainland China.