US-Taliban peace deal finalised:Abdullah

US-Taliban peace deal finalised:Abdullah

Agency News

Kabul, Feb 17 : Chief Executive of the Afghan Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah on Monday claimed that the peace agreement between the Taliban and US has been "finalised." Speaking at the Council of Ministers, Abdullah as quoted by Tolo News said that the agreement between the two parties has been agreed upon.

However, he said that the signing of the agreement was dependent upon the reduction in violence over seven-days. Abdullah called upon the Taliban to honour its commitments to peace so as to prove that it wishes stability in the nation. Peace talks between US and Taliban have consecutively failed as the former demands sharp reduction in violence.

More than 13,000 US troops are stationed in Afghanistan to bring an end to 18-year-old conflict which began following the Sept 11, 2001 Al0-Qaeda attacks on the US. Bringing US troops back was one of the electoral promises of US President Donald Trump and with next elections fast approaching, the promise still remains unfulfilled. (UNI)