Russia fines Twitter, Facebook on localization

Agency News

Moscow, Feb 14: A Moscow district court on Thursday fined Twitter and Facebook for 4 million rubles (62,960 US dollars) each for failing to move the databases of Russian users to Russia, TASS news agency said.

Russian legislation requires Internet service providers to store and process personal data of Russians on the territory of Russia. Telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor is entitled to impose fines or even block Internet companies for any violations of the regulations.

The lawsuits filed by Russia's media watchdog, Roskomnazdor, are the latest effort by Russian authorities to impose more control and increase their ability to monitor content and users on social media.

Russian authorities say the law, passed in 2014, is aimed at protecting Russians' personal data. Twitter and Facebook had been warned last year to comply with the data law by January 31, 2020. (XINHUA)