Coronavirus: Death toll crosses 1000 in China

Coronavirus: Death toll crosses 1000 in China

Agency News

Beijing, Feb 11: The death toll from the coronavirus epidemic on Monday crossed the 1000 mark standing at 1,016, Chinese health officials said on Tuesday.

As many as 108 people died on Monday, 103 of them in Hubie province alone, though the number of infections reported there actually declined. The number of cases of infection also grew, and has crossed over 42,638. The figure for the day before was put at 40,171. An American who was evacuated from Wuhan last week has found to be infected with the coronavirus, an American health official confirmed. It is the 13th confirmed case in the United States, and the seventh in California.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, officials evacuated some residents of an apartment building after two people living on different floors were found to be infected with the coronavirus, the authorities said. Meanwhile, sixty-five more infections have been confirmed on a cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama, Japan, raising the total number on board to 135, the ship’s captain told passengers on Monday. At least 20 of the infected people aboard were from the United States, according to a Princess Cruises spokeswoman.

In all, 416 American passengers boarded the vessel, the Diamond Princess, at the start of the voyage according to the spokeswoman. In a statement on Sunday, the cruise line detailed the countries of origin of what was then 66 infected passengers: 45 were Japanese, four were from Australia, three were from the Philippines, one was Canadian, one was from England, one was from Ukraine and 11 were from the United States. (UNI)