Death Toll from Coronavirus in China rises to 811

Moscow, Feb 9: The death toll from the new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, has gone up to 811 in China, with the total number of registered cases standing at 37,198 according to the country’s National Health Commission.

The latest figures from the commission show that 2,649 people have recovered and have been discharged from hospital. Of the 33,738 who are currently being treated for pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, 6,188 are in grave condition.

Earlier, the local Hubei health commission said that the death toll from the new coronavirus in the province stood at 780, while 1,400 people have recovered in the province.

In the city of Wuhan, where the current coronavirus outbreak started in December, over 1,370 new coronavirus cases were reported in the past 24 hours. A total of 2,147 new cases have been registered in Hubei Province as a whole in the past 24 hours.

Coronavirus cases have been reported in multiple countries outside of China, including the United States.

A new study published in the JAMA medical journal on Friday revealed that over 40 percent of the first 138 people who tested positive for the virus at a hospital in Wuhan, contracted the virus at that same hospital. (UNI-Sputnik)

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