nCoV a World Contagion

nCoV a World Contagion


The novel Corona virus has killed more than 800 people world over and has grown to be a world contagion. With 81 new deaths reported in Hubei province, more than 800 have been killed by this virus in China from where it started. It has killed more people than SARS did in 2003, which also began in China. The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS] had killed 744 people and sickened around 8100 people in 26 countries over a period of eight months according to WHO reports. 45% of the deaths were in mainland China.

More than 35,000 cases have been reported in more than 18 countries. WHO is working closely with governments, global experts and partners to acquire scientific knowledge on the disease. This will help track its virulence and help in containing its further spreading.

Reports say that 2 new cases of Coronavirus infection have been detected in the UAE bringing the total number to 7. The two new patients, a Chinese and a Filipino were receiving good medical care.

The city state of Singapore has so far reported 40 cases and saw a sharp drop in the number of participants of the Air Show, Asia’s biggest aviation event, to be held on Sunday.

Hong Kong has reported 25 cases including 1 death. Japan with 90 cases, Thailand with 32, South Korea with 25, Taiwan and Malaysia with 16 in each country, Australia, Germany and Vietnam with 14 cases each, US with 12, France with 11, India with 7, Canada with 6 and Philippines, Russia, Nepal, Belgium, Sweden and Cambodia all reporting 1 or 2 cases.