US blacklists Venezuela state airline

US blacklists Venezuela state airline

Agency News

Washington, Feb 8: Washington has blacklisted a Venezuelan state-owned airline, the latest move to pressure the Venezuelan government.

The sanction is intended to curtail the Venezuelan government's alleged misuse of the airline, the US Department of the Treasury said in a statement Friday. The Venezuelan government has commandeered the airliner to promote its own political agenda, including shuttling officials to other countries, it said.

The designated airline, Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronáuticas Servicios Aéreos (CONVIASA), is a commercial airline flying domestic routes and providing service to select international locations.

The sanction was announced after US President Donald Trump welcomed Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido at the White House earlier this week. The United States has been pursuing a policy of economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation against the Venezuelan government in support of Guaido.

Venezuela's opposition groups boycotted the presidential election in the country in 2018 and rejected the re-election of President Nicolas Maduro. To unite the country, Maduro has invited delegates from the European Union, the United Nations and the governments of Argentina, Mexico and Panama to accompany his government's conciliation talks with the opposition. (UNI)