David Cameron's bodyguard forgets loaded pistol in flight toilet

David Cameron's bodyguard forgets loaded pistol in flight toilet

Agency News

Former UK PM David Cameron's bodyguard has forgotten Cameron’s passport and a loaded gun in an airplane toilet. It raked up a controversy soon after a passenger found them in the toilet, the British media reported on Wednesday.

Mr Cameron was on his way back from New York to London with a protection officer from Britain's Metropolitan Police when the discovery sparked a security incident, according to the reports. The Sun newspaper, citing other passengers who were present, said the British Airways plane was waiting to take off when a shocked passenger said he had found a gun in the toilet, causing a commotion.

Seeking to reassure passengers, the captain told them the protection officer was authorised to bring a gun on board and it had now been returned to him, but several travellers objected and the weapon was removed before take-off. The Metropolitan Police said they were taking the matter extremely seriously and had launched an internal investigation.

British Airways said it followed Civil Aviation Authority rules which allow UK police to carry firearms on board in specific, controlled circumstances.

Cameron, who resigned as prime minister in 2016 after a referendum on Britain's European Union membership delivered the opposite result to the one he had campaigned for, has his own track record of forgetfulness.