Trump wins Republican party Iowa Caucus

Trump wins Republican party Iowa Caucus

Agency News

Washington, Feb 4:US President Donald Trump has won the Republican primary race in the Iowa Caucus, results from the state's party office revealed.

Trump won 97 per cent (29,761) of votes cast on Monday night against his Republican challengers Joe Walsh and William Weld. The Iowa Republican Party said in a statement via Twitter that Trump broke turnout records for an incumbent president. Meanwhile, results of the Democratic primary race in the Iowa caucus are being delayed due to "quality checks," Iowa Democratic Party spokesperson Mandy McClure said in a statement. She also said the delay was not due to a hack or intrusion. The Iowa caucuses began at 0100 hrs (GMT) on Tuesday.

There were 12 democratic presidential candidates and three republicans. For Democrats, the Iowa Caucus usually indicates how each candidate will do overall in the race. Seven of the last 10 winners in Iowa eventually won the Democratic Party’s nomination. However, on the Republican side, only three of the previous eight winners of the caucuses became the party nominee. (UNI)