Man shot dead in London terror attack served prison time

Man shot dead in London terror attack served prison time

Agency News

It was the second time in months that a recently released convicted terrorist attacked people in London

Sudesh Amman, 20, was shot dead by police on Streatham High Road after stabbing people in what police called an Islamist-related terrorist incident. Last year Mr. Johnson said there were around 74 convicted terrorists who had received early release from prison. It is unclear whether Mr. Amman was among them.

Britain has struggled of late with a series of bloody attacks perpetrated by Islamic extremists.

In June 2017, London Bridge and the surrounding area were the scene of a bloody rampage by three knife-wielding men who plowed a van into pedestrians and stabbed people in nearby bars and restaurants. All three were shot dead by police. Eight people were killed and dozens hospitalized in the assault.

Also in June 2017, a van struck pedestrians outside a London mosque. Earlier that year, another car attack occurred on London’s Westminster Bridge, leaving five dead. And in May 2017, a suicide bomber killed 22 concertgoers in Manchester.

British security services in November lowered their assessment of the risk of a major terrorist attack to “substantial,” the third rung on a five-point scale, which implies an attack is likely. It remains on that level.

Images of Streatham High Road shared on social media Sunday showed ambulances attending the scene and a man laid prone on a busy main street in the area surrounded by plainclothes policemen.

One person not hurt by the attacker was injured by glass shattered by police bullets, authorities said.

“Terrorists seek to divide us and destroy our way of life. Here in London we will never let them succeed,” said London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

He had been released from prison about a week ago after serving half of a sentence for terror offences, and was under police surveillance.

Three people were injured but none is in a life-threatening condition.