Pak Students in Wuhan cry for help; Envoy says country cannot treat coronavirus

Pak Students in Wuhan cry for help; Envoy says country cannot treat coronavirus

Agency News

The stranded Pakistani students in China continue to cry for help amid the coronavirus scare as their country does not have any evacuation plan.

The Pak students suffer while India had airlifted its students in special flight two times. Several students stranded in Wuhan, who saw their Indian counterparts being evacuated, have released videos on social media slamming their government and crying for help.

Pakistan's Ambassador to China Naghmana Hashmi on Sunday said that their students should not be evacuated from the virus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan as "medical facilities in Pakistan do not meet the standards" required to treat a patient diagnosed with novel virus.

According to a report by Geo News, Naghmana Hashmi in an interview shared that China has the best medical facilities to handle the patients suffering from the disease. Hashmi said that some students were worried about the shortage of food and other issues in Wuhan, but the embassy is fully aware of their concerns and is in constant touch with Chinese authorities in Hubei province, Geo News reported.

The statement from the envoy comes a day after a senior health official in Islamabad announced that the government will not bring its citizens despite multiple requests from the students and their families for immediate evacuation.

So far at least five of the Pakistani students in China have been tested positive of the mysterious pathogen. Dr. Zafar Mirza, a special assistant to the prime minister on National Health Services, had on Friday said, "We believe it is in the interest of our loved ones in China to stay there. It's in the larger interest of the region, the world, and the country that we don't evacuate them now".