Pak students’ cries in Wuhan go viral

Pak students’ cries in Wuhan go viral

Agency News

The cry for help by Pakistan students who stuck at Wuhan, the epicenter of Coronavirus outbreak, has already turned into viral on social media.

While counterpart India had evacuated a second batch of 323 citizens from China's Wuhan on Sunday, Pakistan authorizes turned its back to the students from Pakistan who pursue higher studies in China’s Wuhan.

February 2, 2020, the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus. The Air India flight, with almost ten Maldivians onboard, took off in the early hours of Sunday and is expected to land shortly. Air India's jumbo B747 aircraft, with the first batch of 324 citizens, had reached Delhi on Saturday. The plane, carrying 211 students, 110 working professionals and three minors, reached Delhi around 7.30am.

India’s prompt response to the crisis has further broken the heart of Pakistani students. Many, stuck in Wuhan, began crying for help. At first, the Pakistan government decided not to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan city to show "solidarity" with China. Later, Pakistan authorities have brought a new argument, saying there were no better facilities available for Coronavirus treatment in Pakistan. Five Pak students have already tested positive. Look at some of the cries by Pak students. In one video, a student can be heard saying. "Bangladeshis will also evacuate today. Meanwhile, our government is telling us that you die, live, get infected, or whatever, but we won't evacuate you, facilitate you. Shame on you Pakistan government. Learn from India. Learn by how well they look after their citizens."

Now look at students’ bad plight:

“Really sad. A Pakistani student in #Wuhan watching his Indian counterparts being evacuated. The students have been left to their fate by #Pakistan government. #coronarovirus”

Pakistani student in Wuhan shows how Indian students are being evacuated by their govt. While Pakistanis are left there to die by the govt of Pakistan:

Another appeal by #Pakistani students in #Wuhan appeal to be evacuated...

There are up to 800 Pakistanis studying in various universities in Wuhan - a city of 11 million people that has been quarantined by the Chinese authorities.

The Corona virus has already killed 305 people in China.