Maldives makes comeback into Commonwealth

Maldives makes comeback into Commonwealth

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Male, Feb 1 : The Maldives was officially readmitted into the Commonwealth after a recent meeting between Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid and Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Patricia Scotland. Maldives has been re-admitted after the due procedure, which included country assessment and consultations in accordance with the rules and procedures agreed by the Commonwealth Heads of Government in Kampala in 2007.

Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland expressed satisfaction at the reforms enacted by Maldives. "The reform process underway in Maldives aligns with the values and principles of the Commonwealth and we encourage the nation to continue on this path. Commonwealth members were pleased to note these developments and are happy once again to count Maldives as a member of the family. Together we will support Maldives to realise its ambitions.”

Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih conveyed his gratitude to the Commonwealth nations for their support to the island nation . ''As a young democracy, the Commonwealth's foundational values of the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, multi-lateralism and world peace remain relevant to us, more than ever. ''We gratefully acknowledge the support and help of the Commonwealth to the Maldivian democratic movement and look forward to the support of fellow member states to ensure the long term entrenchment of these values in our society,'' Mr Solih said.

The island nation had quit the organisation in 2016, as it was threatened with suspension over it's human rights record and alleged lack of democratic progress. President Solih applied to rejoin the Commonwealth as soon as he was elected to office in November, 2018. Maldives is now the 54th member of the British Queen-headed Commonwealth, which houses 2.4 billion citizens of the world. (UNI)