'Hugs and tears' as EU Parl approves Britain's departure

'Hugs and tears' as EU Parl approves Britain's departure

Agency News

Brussels, Jan 30: European Parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved Britain's departure terms from the European Union opening a new vista in international geo-politics.

The vote was 621 in favour and 49 against vis-a-vis Brexit deal that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson negotiated with the other 27 EU leaders. "After 25 years of fighting for Independence, this is my final contribution in the European Parliament. We were told to leave with our British flags, and that's exactly what we did," tweeted Nigel Farage, leader of Brexit Party, UK.

After Britain's departure, the United Kingdom will remain within the EU's economic arrangements. "We will always love you and you will never be far," said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. There was emotional too as many lawmakers were moved to tears. Britain becomes the first country to leave the EU.

"We will not yield to any pressure," French President Emmanuel Macron said on 'future cooperation'. "Hugs and tears for the SNP (Scotland's largest party), Euro MPs in Brussels as Brexit deal is approved. Piper playing Flower of Scotland and EU anthem Ode to Joy," tweeted Glenn Campbell, a senior journalist. UNI