China build-up along LOC

China build-up along LOC

Agency News

China has gradually increased pressure in the Northeast by strengthening its military units close to the Line of Actual Control. Additional forces joined the camps in late 2019.

Intelligence reports speak of an increase in Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) force-levels about 25-30 km from the border in the Phari Dzong area. This area, opposite the Sikkim-Bhutan sector, is about 50-60 km north of the strategic 'tri-junction', was strongly reinforced during the Doklam crisis two years ago.

The Indian government worries about the tri-junction as only a narrow stretch of land links the Northeast from the rest of the Indian mainland.

The Chinese forces are in groups, north or north-west of the Phari Dzong area, with one deployment - one of the two newer ones - just to the south. They comprise vehicles, tents, shelters and some artillery pieces. High-level Army sources said this was not a threatening development.

The new Army groupings are just to the south and slightly to the north of Phari Dzong and were first noticed sometime during the middle of last year. They consist of sheds, vehicles and armaments.

The PLA had placed its soldiers in two camps, both to the north-west of Phari Dzong in September-October 2018. There were vehicles and a large number of objects covered by tarpaulins.