Foreign aircraft crashed in Ghazni, Afghan: Guv

Foreign aircraft crashed in Ghazni, Afghan: Guv

Agency News

Kabul, Jan 27 : The plane that crashed in Afghanistan's eastern Ghazni province belonged to a foreign company, but it was impossible to identify since the aircraft was completely destroyed upon impact, Ghazni Governor Wahidullah Kalimzai said on Monday.

"The plane, which crashed in Ghazni, belongs to a foreign company and is not affiliated with any domestic or Afghan air companies. The plane is completely burnt and there are no signs that can help to identify which company it belongs to," the Governor told Sputnik. Media reports had emerged earlier in the day that Ariana Afghan Airlines aircraft had crashed in Ghazni, but the company had denied that it was one of their planes.

Meanwhile, a source told Sputnik that it was an Afghan National Army (ANA) aircraft. "The ANA plane collapsed in Deh Yak district of Ghazni this afternoon and [I] don't have information about the casualties," the source said. The Afghan Interior Ministry had also acknowledged that a plane had collapsed in the eastern Ghazni province, adding that the cause of the crash remains unknown.

According to Second Vice President Sarwar Danish, a transport plane collapsed at around 1330 hrs (1430 hrs IST) in Ghazni's Deh Yak district. The Ghazni police chief and the provincial authority confirmed as well that the Ariana Afghan Airlines flight had collapsed. Meanwhile, the Ariana Afghan Airlines rejected the crash of its plane. The Defence Ministry has not commented on the incident, so far. (UNI)