New virus in China: infection spreads to Beijing

New virus in China: infection spreads to Beijing

Agency News

The new virus outbreak is fast spreading from Wuhan to other major cities of China creates headache to the communist government led by Xi Jingping.

Reports said that the number of infected people have tripled over the weekend as the disease spread wildly. Wuhan reported 136 new cases of respiratory illness.

Already two cases have been reported from the capital Beijing also. Other major city Shenzhen also confirmed one case.

Total known infections now exceeds 200, and three people have died. The sharp uptick in cases comes as millions of Chinese prepare to travel for the Lunar New Year holidays.

Health officials have identified the infection, which first appeared in Wuhan in December, as being a strain of coronavirus. They say it has led to an outbreak of viral pneumonia, but much about it remains unknown.

The outbreak has revived memories of the Sars virus - also a coronavirus - that killed 774 people in the early 2000s across dozens of countries, mostly in Asia.