Africa’s richest woman mints money exploiting her own country
Nuno Coimbra

Africa’s richest woman mints money exploiting her own country

Agency News

Isabel dos Santos, the richest woman from Africa chosen by Forbes, has made her fortune through a series of dubious deals in which she plundered the wealth of her own mother country, Angola, according to a BBC report. Forbes says her asset is worth $2.2bn (£1.7bn).

It is said that the Isabel dos Santos got access to lucrative deals involving land, oil, diamonds and telecoms when her father was president of Angola, a southern African country rich in natural resources. Quoting a leaked document BBC said that the document reveals how Africa's richest woman made her fortune through exploiting her own country, and corruption.

The documents show how she and her husband were allowed to buy valuable state assets in a series of suspicious deals. But Ms Dos Santos rejected all allegations saying the stories against her are entirely false and that there is a politically motivated witch-hunt by the Angolan government. Dos Santos, 46, insists her wealth is the result of hard work and business acumen, and her supporters say her success story is inspirational, especially for African women.

The former president's daughter has made the UK her home and owns expensive properties in central London. Now BBC Panorama has been given access to more than 700,000 leaked documents about the billionaire's business empire.