UK envoy leaves Iran

UK envoy leaves Iran

Agency News

Tehran, Jan 15 : United Kingdom Ambassador to Iran Robert Macaire left the country on Tuesday evening, days after he was labelled by the Iran's judiciary as the 'person non grata', local media reported on Wednesday. According to IRNA, his departure was with prior notice and according to the protocols.

Macaire had attended an illegal gathering in front of Amir-Kabir University in Tehran on Saturday following the crash of Ukraine Airline plane which claimed the lives of 176 people. He was arrested by the police but released shortly following contacts by the Iranian Foreign Ministry officials.

The diplomat was later summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran for his unconventional conduct and UK was officially informed of Iran's protest against his move. He was reminded that the presence of foreign ambassadors in illegal gatherings has nothing to do with their responsibilities as the political representatives of their countries and against the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

The Convention clearly says that all the diplomatic people that are under political immunity have to respect the laws of the host country and avoid interfering with their affairs. According to the diplomatic protocols, every ambassador and diplomatic representatives can notify the host country and return to his country for any reason. (UNI)