Rocket attack in Iraq military base injures 4 soldiers

Rocket attack in Iraq military base injures 4 soldiers

Agency News

Baghdad, Jan 13: Four Iraq soldiers were wounded in a rocket attack targeting an air base just north of the capital city where American trainers were present until recently, Iraq's security officials said on Monday.

Earlier, the base was used by US military. "However, no casualties were reported from the Sunday attack," the source added. Bald Air Base is approximately 90 km from the capital Baghdad. It is the largest military base in Iraq and is known in the US Army as the Logistics Support Activity (LSA) 'Anaconda'. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. On the night of January 3, the United States conducted an operation near Baghdad International Airport, killing commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Qasem Soleimani and Iraq Shiite militia leader Abu Mahdi Muhandis, among others.

Washington considered both commanders to be behind the attack on the US embassy in Baghdad on December 31. According to the United States, Soleimani was planning to attack the American diplomats and soldiers in Iraq and West Asia. It has carried out several attacks in the past few months on the allies' bases in Iraq, including the December 27 attack, killing American and Iraqi officials. In retaliation, Iran carried out several airstrikes targeting US military bases in Iraq. United States in response announced new sanctions on Iran. US has deployed more than 5,000 troops in Iraq to assist the army in its campaigning against the Islamic State (IS). UNI