At least 14 die in heavy snowfall in western Pakistan

At least 14 die in heavy snowfall in western Pakistan

Agency News

Islamabad, Jan 13 : At least 14 Pakistan citizens have died in an unusually heavy snowfall in the country's western province of Balochistan, local media reported on Monday, citing meteorologists.

The amount of snow in some provincial areas has exceeded the 20-year record, with some places reporting three- to four-foot snow, according to Pakistan's Dawn newspaper.

The heavy snow inflicted considerable damage on mud houses prevalent in the region with their roofs collapsing under excessive weight, claiming the lives of 14 people in various areas. This has disrupted the province's transportation as trains come and go with considerable delays, an airport in the city of Quetta remains covered in snow, and traffic gets suspended on the Quetta-Chaman highway that links the country with Afghanistan.

The authorities noted that the current number of victims was preliminary, and are planning to evacuate the residents of the areas hit by the snowfall. (UNI)