Puerto Rican Guv says quake damage at $110mln

Puerto Rican Guv says quake damage at $110mln

Agency News

MOSCOW, January 12: Puerto Rican Governor Wanda Vazquez Garced said that the damage caused by a series of earthquakes off the island's coast was about $110 million, media reported.

Several earthquakes in the course of last week, disrupted the energy supply system, infrastructure and destroyed a number of residential buildings. A 6.6 magnitude tremor occurred on Tuesday, after which the Puerto Rican authorities declared a state of emergency. The last 5.9 magnitude earthquake took place on Saturday morning, while seismologists continue to record aftershocks in the region.

According to the initial damage assessment, 539 structures have been partially destroyed, the Nuevo Dia newspaper reported.

The government has also ordered that prices for food and items needed in an emergency situation be frozen, the media outlet added.

One of the island's power plants, Costa Sur, has been damaged, resulting in power outages in some households. (UNI-Sputnik)