Tsai wins 2nd term, asks China to abandon threat

Tsai wins 2nd term, asks China to abandon threat

Agency News

Taipei, Jan 11 : Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party secured a second term as the island's leader, crushing her China-friendly Kuomintang rival Han Kuo-yu in Saturday's presidential election.

Tsai received more than 8 million votes, the highest amount since direct presidential elections began in 1996, at more than 57 per cent. Kuomintang candidate Han received more than 5 million votes, at 38 per cent, Taiwan News reported.

After her record victory, Tsai asked China to engage in dialogue and abandon unacceptable conditions and threats of force. In an address to her supporters, she emphasized that during her second term, her administration would continue with its responsible, non-provocative attitude toward China and avoid serious conflict in the Taiwan Strait.(UNI)