New pneumonia outbreak claims one life in China

New pneumonia outbreak claims one life in China

Agency News

Beijing, Jan 11: Amid the recent pneumonia outbreak in central China's Wuhan City, the Healthcare Department on Saturday said that first person has died by the new type of Coronavirus.

''Forty one cases of infection with the new type of coronavirus have been revealed. Two people have already been allowed to leave hospital, seven remain in critical condition, one more died, while others are in a stable condition,'' the department said in a statement.

About 740 people, including 419 doctors, are subject to medical monitoring as they had contacts with the patients, however, the commission said that up to now, there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission, and no medical personnel was found infected.

Local authorities in Wuhan confirmed that the city had been dealing with an outbreak of unknown pneumonia. The Chinese media earlier reported that the outbreak was caused by a new type of Coronavirus. (UNI)