Nancy Pelosi, Trump
Nancy Pelosi, Trump

US House restricts Trump's power to wage war against Iran

Agency News

Washington, Jan 11: US House of Representatives approved a resolution aiming at restraining President Donald Trump's power to take military action against Iran without congressional approval.

The House voted 224 to 194 to pass the resolution, roughly along the party line. The resolution directs the president to terminate the use of US military to engage in hostilities in or against Iran, unless the president gets authorization from Congress or the use of force is necessary.

But the resolution has to be passed in the US Senat too where Republicans hold a majority. If it was passed, US President need to take mandatory congressional approval to wage a war with Iran.

Neither the US nor Iran has declared plans for further military action. Iran this week fired missiles at Iraqi bases housing American forces, injuring no-one, after the US last week killed a senior Iranian commander in a Baghdad drone strike.

Thursday's measure directed the president to "terminate the use of United States Armed Forces" against Iran unless granted congressional authorisation. It offered an exception when necessary to "defend against an imminent armed attack". UNI