UN Secretary General lauds Bangladesh Peacekeeper’s role

UN Secretary General lauds Bangladesh Peacekeeper’s role

Agency News

Dhaka, Dec 12: United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has lauded the Bangladeshi peacekeepers, including the Army personnel, for their contribution to world peace by participating in Peacekeeping Missions abroad.

Since its emergence in 1971, the Army personnel from Bangladesh went to different countries as part of UN Peacekeeping Mission. In 1988, they at first took part in two operations—one in Iraq under UNIIMOG and another in Namibia under UNTAG. So far, the Bangladesh Army personnel participated in over 30 missions in 25 countries as part of UN Peacekeeping operations.

The countries included Namibia, Cambodia, Somalia, Uganda, Ruanda, Mozambique, former Yugoslavia, Liberia, Haiti, Tajikistan, West Sahara, Kosovo, Georgia, East Timor, Congo and Ethiopia.

Later, personnel from other forces such as the Navy, the Air Force, and the Police also participated in the peacekeeping operations.

Eighty-one female police personnel from Bangladesh at first went to Congo Mission in 2010.

A total of 146 peacekeepers from Bangladesh lost their lives while discharging their duties abroad. Of them, 117 from the Army, four from the Navy, 20 from the Police and five from the Air Force.

The contribution of Bangladeshi peacekeepers in different missions has been highly appreciated and many senior officers of Bangladesh Army have been made commander and senior military liaison officer in peacekeeping missions.