Finnish Transport Minister Marin likely to become PM

Finnish Transport Minister Marin likely to become PM

Agency News

Helsinki, Dec 3: Finnish Minister of Transport and Communication Sanna Marin will probably become the country’s next prime minister following Antti Rinne’s resignation from the post, media reported on Tuesday.

According to Sputnik, Rinne submitted his resignation to President Sauli Niinisto earlier in the day. Niinisto accepted but asked him to continue as caretaker until a new cabinet was formed.

According to Finnish newspaper Ilta-Lehti, the current minister of transport and communications is a favorite to become the next head of government. If appointed, she would become the youngest person to ever lead the Finnish cabinet.
"I will not shy away from responsibility," Marin told reporters asked whether she could head the cabinet.

Finland is in the midst of a political crisis that was prompted by a strike of postal workers, which ended on November 27. Earlier on Tuesday, Finland's Centre Party, a part of the coalition government, said that it had lost confidence in Rinne over his inaction during the strike.

The strike was launched by the Finnish Post and Logistics Union on November 11 in response to the decision by state-run postal company Posti to reduce about 700 workers' salaries by 30 percent. As a result, a number of trade unions in the transportation sector announced sympathy strikes that affected the nation's delivery system and disrupted public transportation in Helsinki. Favorable terms were eventually reached and the strike ended. (UNI)