NZ to limit foreign donations, disclose political advertisers

NZ to limit foreign donations, disclose political advertisers

Agency News

Wellington, Dec 3: New Zealand's government will seek to restrict foreign donations to politicians and force disclosure of political advertisers ahead of next year’s general election, the country’s justice minister announced on Tuesday.

"The risk of foreign interference in elections is a growing international phenomenon and can take many forms, including donations. New Zealand is not immune from this risk," Justice Minister Andrew Little said, as quoted by the New Zealand Herald.

The legislation was introduced in parliament on Tuesday with the justice minister urging to pass it immediately.

The bill proposes a limit of $50 US from foreign donors, down from a previous $1,500 cap, according to the Herald, and places responsibility on parties and candidates to vet their incoming donations.

The bill also looks to force buyers of political ad space to include their name and address details on advertisements, aimed at countering a rise in fake news, according to the minister’s statement.

New Zealand is set to hold a general election in November 2020. (UNI)