Finnish PM risks facing No-Confidence vote

Finnish PM risks facing No-Confidence vote

Agency News

Moscow, Dec 3: Centre Party politicians are set to call a no-confidence vote against Finland Prime Minister Antti Rinne following a bitter labor dispute that has led to a 17-day strike by postal and logistics workers.

"We have no confidence in the individual [Rinne]. We want the government to be functional and for it to be able to handle national issues," Katri Kulmuni told reporters, as quoted by Finnish national broadcaster YLE.

Kulmuni’s Centre Party is currently a member of the ruling coalition government alongside Rinne’s Social Democratic Party. The centrist leader stated that any potential no-confidence vote was purely directed toward the prime minister and not the government, the Finnish broadcaster reported.

The Finnish chancellor of justice has reportedly received complaints from a number of officials regarding the prime minister’s conduct during the labor dispute. Despite this, certain political figures have backed Rinne.

The prime minister received a vote of support from the Swedish People’s Party, as chair and Finnish Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson backed the Prime Minister and called for stability.

"We need stability now. None of us is perfect. In this situation, the SPP supports Prime Minister Rinne, but I hope that there will be further discussion within the government," Henriksson remarked, as quoted by YLE.

According to media reports, a fierce labor dispute has broken out between the Social Democratic Party and the government postage service, Posti. A 17-day strike has been called by PAU, the postal and logistical union after 700 sorting workers were slated to be transferred to lower-paid contracts.

Rinne currently heads a five-party coalition government formed following the parliamentary elections in June. His Social Democratic Party holds seven of 19 ministerial posts. Kulmuni’s Centre Party accounts for five ministers, Green League accounts for three ministers, the Left Alliance accounts for two ministers and the Swedish People’s Party of Finland accounts for two ministers. (UNI)