North Korea builds several dozen sites for missile vehicles

North Korea builds several dozen sites for missile vehicles

Agency News

Tokyo, Dec 2: North Korea has since the start of this summer built several dozen concrete platforms designed to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from vehicle launchers, Japanese newspaper Asahi reported on Monday, citing US and South Korean sources.

According to the newspaper, the platforms are designed to prevent other countries from detecting the exact location from where missiles are launched.

The newspaper noted that the Japanese Navy's self-defense forces had deployed warships with Aegis multifunctional combat systems to the Sea of

Japan in the beginning of November to respond to potential military provocations from the North.

In late November, North Korea launched two ballistic missiles toward the Sea of Japan, which flew about 380 kilometers (236 miles) at an altitude of 97 kilometers. In early October, the country announced the successful launch of its submarine-launched ballistic missile, Pukguksong-3, which was fired off the coast of Wonsan Bay.

Last year saw major improvements to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, which had been tense due due to Pyongyang's multiple missile tests, with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un holding direct talks with the presidents of South Korea and the United States. However, the negotiation process came to a standstill in 2019 due to a lack of specific denuclearization measures and resumed missile tests. (UNI)