None will be allowed to lead lavish life with illegal money: Sheikh Hasina

None will be allowed to lead lavish life with illegal money: Sheikh Hasina

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Dhaka, Nov 30: Terming making money illegally ‘a disease’, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today warned that her government will not allow anybody to lead a lavish life with stolen money.

Someone will lead a luxurious life with the illegally-earned money, while someone will suffer from miseries by leading an honest and simple life it cannot be tolerated, she told the inaugural function of triennial council of Dhaka North and South City units of Bangladesh Awami League at the historic Suhrawardy Udyan here this afternoon.

Sheikh Hasina, also the president of Bangladesh Awami League (AL), reaffirmed to continue her government’s ongoing drive against corruption, saying that the hard-earned money of the people will be spent for their welfare, not for leading lavish life by anybody.

We’re continuing our drives against terrorism, militancy and narcotics we’re also keeping up our drives against graft and these drives will go on. Because, the hard-earned money of the people will be spent for their welfare, not for leading a lavish life by anybody, she said.

The prime minister said leading an honest and simple life is a matter of huge honour than having ‘biriyani’ and ‘pulau’ (rich food) and wearing brand clothes or other things through the illegal money.

Those who make money illegally always think about the stolen money. Actually, it’s a disease those, who once made money illegally, only wish to do the same. But those who earn money in the honest way could sleep in peace, she said. The AL president said the children of those who earn money illegally go to the wrong path, their studies are destroyed and they get addicted to drugs due to that money.

The parents of these children have no time to look after their sons and daughters. They’ve no attention to the fact that their family is ruining they’re continuing to run after money, she said. The premier continued: We don’t want such a social condition we want everybody to earn money in an honest way and move with honour. Sheikh Hasina said, for leading a lavish life, the people may applause verbally those who earn money illegally. But the people actually will scold them from behind, saying that they’re corrupts and thieves, she said. While talking about the BNP’s demand for release of its chairperson, the prime minister said the case for which Khaleda Zia is serving jail is a corruption case, not a political one.

The case was filed against BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia for embezzling the orphans’ money and she is now in jail after being convicted in that case, she said. In this connection, the AL chief said many people want to give this case a political colour. We didn’t lodge any case against her politically. But after coming to power in 2001, the BNP government sued me with 12 cases, she said.

Referring to the unbridled terrorism, militancy, corruption and money laundering during the BNP-Jamaat regime from 2001-2006, Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh was turned into a country of these social menaces at that time. Begum Khaleda Zia and her two sons had indulged in bribery and graft and it was disclosed in the FBI investigation, not only in our probe, she said.

The prime minister said the BNP leader was convicted in the case filed by the caretaker government, and her beloved and close persons were in that government, she said. The prime minister said the BNP wanted to take the country towards destruction and ruin the Awami League. The BNP worked in the way that Bangladesh can never rise, she said.

Referring to the BNP-Jamaat mayhem in 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the name of movement, Sheikh Hasina said they killed people and destroyed buses, trucks launches, rails, CNG-run auto-rickshaws and public and private property through arson at that time.We bought articulated BRTC buses and new rail bogies. But BNP destroyed that buses and rail bogies by torching we procure these on the one hand and the BNP set these on fire on the other hand, she said.

She added They (BNP) know only destruction, not creation, they can inflict pain to the people, cannot give peace. But when the Awami League comes to power, it works for the welfare and development of the people.

Pointing out severe crisis of water and electricity in the capital during the BNP-Jamaat government, the prime minister said the Awami League government after assuming office in 2009 solved the problems.

Sheikh Hasina also listed her government’s various steps for development of communication, education and healthcare in Dhaka city.

The prime minister said the country earned independence in exchange for blood of millions of martyrs. So our work is to change the lot of the people and develop the country and we’re continuing this work we want that our every leader and worker will build the country with that ideology, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said the country is advancing and will continue to move Insha Allah. No more herd of hyenas could sit on the chest of the people of Bangladesh and suck their blood, no more corrupts, terrorists and those who burnt people to death could play ducks and drakes with the fate of the people Insha Alllah, she asserted.

Earlier, the prime minister opened the council of AL’s Dhaka North and South City units as the chief guest by hoisting the national flag as well as releasing pigeons and balloons. AL General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader addressed the function as the special guest, while Dhaka North City AL President AKM Rahmatullah and General Secretary Sadeq Khan and Dhaka South City AL President Hazi Abul Hasnat and General Secretary Shahe Alam Murad also spoke. (UNI)