Islamic State claims responsibility for London Bridge attack

Islamic State claims responsibility for London Bridge attack

Agency News

Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the London Bridge terrorist attack, saying that it was carried out by one of their fighters, the group's Amaq news agency stated.

However, they did not provide any evidence to support their claim. The group claimed that they attacked countries that were part of a coalition fighting the terror outfit in different parts of the world.

On Friday, two people died and three people were injured in a stabbing incident on London Bridge. A man and a woman were killed in the attack, while, two women and a man were injured and still remains in the hospital.

The attack happened at the Fishmongers' Hall, on the London Bridge where a conference was being held on Prison Rehabilitation. The Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner of London Neil Basu said that the attack began inside the building and then continued onto the bridge.

The attacker was restrained by a bystander, who was then shot dead by police officers after they reached the spot. The police said that the suspect was wearing a hoax suicide vest, and brandishing knives.

Later it was found out that the man behind the attack was a convicted terrorist named Usman Khan who is a Pakistani citizen. He was arrested in 2010 for conspiring and raising funds for several terror-related activities including plotting to attack the London Stock Exchange. After spending eight years in jail, the suspect was released in 2018 on parole.