Iraq turmoil: Nearly 45 protesters shot dead, 152 wounded

Iraq turmoil: Nearly 45 protesters shot dead, 152 wounded

Agency News

Baghdad, Nov 29: At least 45 demonstrators have been shot dead by security forces while 152 others have sustained injuries amid escalating unrest in southern Iraq and capital Baghdad, media reported, citing sources.

According to Al Arabiya reported the injuries were registered in the city of Nasiriyah on Thursday.

According to the outlet, 12 protesters had been killed in the city of Najaf in the authorities' crackdown on demonstrators who set the Iranian consulate on fire in what the broadcaster called an uprising against Iraq's Iranian-backed government.

Moreover, more than 25 people had been killed by the security forces in Nasiriyah. The reports added, citing local officials, that the authorities had imposed curfew in the areas affected by the clashes between protesters and security forces. Moreover, the government said it was establishing so-called crisis cells — military-led groups aimed at quelling the violent rallies. (UNI)