Over 40 policemen injured in clashes outside Iran consulate

Over 40 policemen injured in clashes outside Iran consulate

Agency News

Baghdad, Nov 28 : Forty-seven police members were wounded in clashes with demonstrators outside the Iranian consulate building in Iraq’s southern city of Najaf, the governor of Najaf province said on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the provincial authorities introduced a curfew in the area as dozens of people were involved in clashes between demonstrators and security forces. A security source has told Sputnik that more than 80 people were injured in the violence. Moreover, the demonstrators set the Iranian consulate building on fire.

"Forty-seven Najaf police members were wounded during the developments [close to] the Iranian consulate," Luay Yasiri told media. The governor emphasised that firefighters were still working to extinguish the fire at the consulate building. The police have been instructed to avoid using live ammunition for dispersing the demonstrators, according to Yasiri.

The Iraq Foreign Ministry has condemned the attack on Iran consulate, adding that the assault sought to harm relations between the two states.

The violent protests have been rocking southern Iraq since early October. More than 350 people were killed and about 15,000 people were wounded since the beginning of the protests. The demonstrators rally against corruption, low living standards and unemployment. (UNI)