London based designer Roshni Mukherjee introduces Dhakai Benarasi in London

London based designer Roshni Mukherjee introduces Dhakai Benarasi in London

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Kolkata, Nov 27 : NRI designer Roshni Mukherjee has recently introduced Dhakai Benarasi, a new concept of Sarees combining Dhakai Jamdani from Bangladesh and Benarasi from Benaras through her London based popular boutique Myosutra at a Bengali cultural show reminiscing legendary actor Uttam Kumar.

The programme was organised by Eastern Euphony at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan near Kensington, London on November 23.

Roshni’s designed attire was the main attraction of the evening and all the artistes on stage were draped on these Dhakai Benarasi.

It’s rarely a secret that Uttam Kumar had ushered in a renaissance in Bengali cinema. So do his leading ladies of his various movies, who were equally responsible for the transformation of Bengali cinema.

The leading ladies in his films had enriched the craft of cinema with their brilliant contributions. Whether it’s Suchitra Sen, Supriya Devi, Madhabi Mukherjee, Tanuja, or Aparna Sen, each one of them has brought in a unique style, be it in terms of acting or their appearance.

Roshni has always been fascinated by the clothes those actresses wore even if the screen was black and white.

“Some may argue that in a black and white canvas, clothes had little to contribute. But if you ask me, the clothes they wore helped their characters come alive on screen and enhanced their screen presence. Whether it’s Suchitra Sen’s commanding presence as Rina Brown from Saptapadi, or Madhabi Mukherjee’s portrayal of Charulata, their costumes had a major contribution in making those characters relatable to us,” said Roshni.

“The appearance of these leading ladies often reflected an eclectic blend of tradition and modernity. Their bold appearances stood out even when they were clad in a traditional taant or a Dhakai. Speaking of Dhakai sarees, their existence dates back to the mughal era and is the result of an amalgamation of the mughal and Bengali aesthetics. It’s said that during the Mughal era, the weavers of Bengal received extensive royal patronage,” added Roshni.

Since then, this saree has been a constant for all the yesteryear actresses, serving some of the most iconic looks both on and off-screen. In fact, the popularity of Dhakai sarees shows no sign of slowing down even today.

With that thought, Myosutra has taken up the charge of adorning the singers who had performed at the Mahanayak Sangeet sandhya with beautiful Dhakai Benarasi sarees especially designed for this occasion. (UNI)