India-Sri Lanka military exercise in Pune from Sunday

India-Sri Lanka military exercise in Pune from Sunday

Agency News

Colombo, Nov 27: Bolstering existing bonds of understanding and close working relationship further, the joint military exercise between the Indian Army and Sri Lanka Army will begin on December 1 in Pune.

One hundred and twenty Gemunu Watch troops of the Sri Lanka Army would take part with an equal number of Indian Army Jawans from Kumaon Regiment in the Exercise Mitra Shakthi - VII exercise.

The two-week long military exercise is designed to enhance capacity among participants and promote interoperability, military cooperation, conduct of joint tactical operations, sharing of experiences, understanding of transnational military issues, etc and explore possibilities of gaining adequate knowledge for any potential security threats in the future.

The exercise also aims to share knowledge on military tactics, experience, exchange of infantry technicalities, counter terrorism practices, long range reconnaissance patrol techniques, small group operations, effective employment of snipers, simulated attacks on terrorist hideouts, suicide bombing, use of improvised explosive devices between both Armies.

The exercise is an annual training programme that has been conducted between the two sides since the year 2012. (UNI)