Georgia Parliament Protest: 28 arrested, 3 injured

Georgia Parliament Protest: 28 arrested, 3 injured

Agency News

Tbilisi, Nov 26: Georgia Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that 28 people were detained during a protest in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi, which resulted in clashes between demonstrators and police.

On Tuesday morning, Georgia security forces deployed water cannons to disperse opposition members and their supporters, who gathered in front of the parliament to oppose the recent changes in the electoral system, Sputnik reported. "During the demonstration at the Parliament building, 28 persons were detained under the Articles 173 (Non-compliance with the lawful order or demand of a law enforcement officer) and 166 (Minor Hooliganism) of the Administrative Offences Code," the ministry said in a press release.

The ministry added that three citizens were injured, and they were provided with medical assistance in health centers.

On November 14, the Georgian parliament failed to adopt constitutional amendments that would have changed the current mixed electoral system into a proportional one in which parties receive seats in parliament proportional to the percentage of votes they win. Opposition protesters are demanding early parliamentary elections and the appointment of a transitional government. The next general election in Georgia is scheduled for October 2020. (UNI)