Robbery at Green Vault Museum in Saxony, says Minister

Robbery at Green Vault Museum in Saxony, says Minister

Agency News

Berlin, Nov 25: 'Immeasurable wealth' was stolen from Dresden's Green Vault museum, Roland Wöller, the interior minister of the German state of Saxony, said Monday.

"Today is a 'black day' for Saxony's cultural heritage. In the early hours of the morning a number of criminals broke into the Green Vault and immeasurable wealth in works of art was stolen," the minister said as aired on N24.

The Dresden police told Sputnik that it was not clear yet what exactly had been stolen.

"Two people can be seen on video footage, which does not exclude the fact that more criminals could be waiting outside," Volker Lange, the head of the city criminal police, told a press conference.

Marion Ackermann, the director of Dresden state art collections, said that the criminal opened up a display with three jewelry sets.

Ackermann stressed that the jewelry pieces were particularly valuable together, as a set. The jewelry is of 18th century, she added.

The Bild newspaper suggested earlier in the day that the stolen objects of art held a value of almost 1 billion euros, or $1.1 billion. (UNI)