Bangladesh: Wild elephants kill three farmers in separate attacks

Bangladesh: Wild elephants kill three farmers in separate attacks

Agency News

Dhaka, Nov 24 : Three farmers were killed by a herd of wild elephants in separate attacks in Bangladesh's southeastern Chattoghram district on Sunday.

"Wild elephants trampled three people to death in places in the district's Boalkhali sub-district," Achia Khatun told mediapersons.

The deceased were identified as Abu Taher (55), Zakir Hossain (60) and Mohammad Ali (60).

According to witness, on Saturday evening, the herd of 6-7 elephants came to the locality from forests and damaged standing crops, destroyed several houses in Kadhurkhil and Jyasthapura.

On Sunday morning, elephants divided into two groups and attacked three farmers in three separate places while they were working their paddy fields.

In the first incident, an elephant lifted Abu Taher with its trunk and flung him into the air in Kadhurkhil area.

Around half an hour later, another elephant attacked Zakir Hossain in the neighbouring area of Kadhurkhil.

Besides, an elephant trampled Mohammad Ali to death in Jyasthapura area around 0700 hrs. Also a cow was killed in the wild elephant attacks which left one person injured, he said.

Locals informed the matter to the forest department. (UNI)