Pope to arrive in Japan today with message of peace

Pope to arrive in Japan today with message of peace

Agency News

Bangkok, Nov 23: Pope Francis will arrive in Japan on Saturday, where he is expected to deliver anti-nuclear message of peace.

The 82-year-old leader wrapped up his visit to Thailand, and left Thai soil at around 10 AM local time, NHK reported. The pontiff is expected to arrive in Japan at 2.30 pm for the second leg of his Apostolic Journey.

He will be the first head of the Roman Catholic Church to visit the country in 38 years.

In the evening, the Pope will head for the Apostolic Nunciature in Tokyo, where he meets with the nation’s Bishops. On Sunday, Pope will deliver a message about nuclear weapons at the Peace Memorial Park at the hypocenter of the 1945 atomic bombing of Nagasaki. On Monday, the pontiff will meet Emperor Naruhito and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo.

He will also meet survivors of the March 2011 temblor and tsunami that hit Japan, and hold a mass at Tokyo Dome. In a video message, Pope urged people to join him in expressing a shared desire to protect the Earth, and praying that nuclear weapons are never used again. (UNI)