China ends anti-dumping duties on pyridine imports from India, Japan

China ends anti-dumping duties on pyridine imports from India, Japan

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Beijing, Nov 20: China on Wednesday ended its anti-dumping measures on pyridine imports from India and Japan after the domestic producers asked the government to withdraw the reinvestigations of the duties.

Beginning Thursday, anti-dumping duties on pyridine imports from the two countries will be ended, a statement on the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) website said.

Pyridine, an organic compound, is used as an important raw material and solvent in the production of pesticides, drugs, animal feed, food additives and other chemicals. On November 21, 2013, China had imposed five-year anti-dumping tariffs on Indian and Japanese imports.

At the application of domestic producers, the MOC launched reinvestigation of the duties on November 21, 2018, Xinhua reported.

Countries carry out anti-dumping investigations to determine whether their domestic industries have been adversely affected because of a surge in cheap imports.

But domestic producers earlier this month filed an application asking the MOC to withdraw the reinvestigations, which was accepted by the ministry. Anti-dumping duty is aimed at ensuring fair trade practices and creating a level-playing field for domestic producers with regard to foreign producers and exporters. (UNI)