BRICS has immense potential to grow: Secretary General

BRICS has immense potential to grow: Secretary General

Agency News

New Delhi, Nov 19: Secretary General of BRICS Chamber of Commerce B B L Madhukar has stated that if rightly managed, the strength and potential of the BRICS countries to move forward is unlimited.

Mr Madhukar said that all member countries of the BRICS--Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa and China-- have a very large coastal area which can be utilised for trade and commerce. However, coastal areas possesses challenges like national security, he said.

He said China is the world's largest manufacturer, India moving ahead in technology and manufacturing and Brazil leading in agriculture. If all the member countries cooperate with each other, they will grow fastest, he stated. Mr Madhukar opined that as European Union had adopted the Euro, the BRICS countries should too replace dollar as international currency and adopt a new one.

He said in recently concluded BRICS summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advocated the issue of terrorism very strongly. Mr Madhukar said that terrorism hampers the growth of the economy and in view of this, Mr Modi appealed to all member states to join hands in dealing with this menance.

He said that Mr Modi had also highlighted the "Fit India" movement and water conservation, which Indian government is promoting. (UNI)