100 protesters still holed up in Hong Kong University

100 protesters still holed up in Hong Kong University


Hong Kong Police have arrested 400 protesters from the Hong Kong Polytechnic campus over the protest. Police have made it clear that all these 400 are not students at present but alumni of Hong Kong Polytechnic campus.

100 more anti-government protesters remained holed up at a Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Tuesday as a police siege of the campus entered its third day. Police surrounded the area Sunday, using water cannons, tear gas and heavy vehicles to hold back the protesters in a dramatic escalation of the demonstrations.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the scene overnight Monday in negotiations between university officials and police, local news outlets reported. Hong Kong's largest English-language newspaper, The Standard, reported that others used ropes to rappel from a footbridge to the street, where they were rushed away on motorcycles.

The Associated Press quoted the city's chief executive, Carrie Lam, as saying at a news conference on Tuesday that about 600 people left the campus, including about 200 who were younger than 18. She said the 400 others who had left the campus were arrested.