California High School gunman dies

California High School gunman dies

Agency News

Washington, Nov 16: A 16-year-old, who had gunned down his classmates at a California High School before shooting himself, succumbed in a hospital on Friday, complicating the investigators' efforts to ascertain why he committed the crime.

According to Capt Kent Wegener of Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, the deceased was identified as Nathaniel Berhow.

"We did not find any manifesto, any diary that spelled it out, any suicide note, or any writings, which could clearly identify his motive behind this assault," The New York Times quoted Capt Wegener as saying.

According to Capt Wegener, Nathaniel seemed to have planed the attack and knew how to use the gun. The horror was captured on video and he appeared to have selected the victims at random. Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles County said there was no indication to suggest that his mother was aware that he had a gun. The investigators had also found six guns at the accused's home.

On Thursday, at least two students were killed and three wounded by the gunman at Saugus High School in southern California. The suspect, whose birthday was on Thursday, pulled a pistol from his backpack and shot five classmates and himself in the head in 16 seconds. UNI