Xi invites Modi to China again

Xi invites Modi to China again


The Chinese President, Mr.  Xi Jinping has invited the Indian Prime Minister to visit China again next year after two informal summits between the men in each other's countries, despite deep disagreement over Kashmir.

Mr. Xi and Mr. Narendra Modi met in Chennai last month, following their first informal summit in China last year as the two sought to put their often deeply strained relationship back on track.

But a little more than two weeks later, the two fell into a diplomatic dispute over Kashmir after India formally revoked its constitutional autonomy and split it into two federal territories to integrate it fully into India.

Meeting in Brazil on the sidelines of a meeting the BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - Mr. Xi told Mr. Modi he was willing to maintain close communication 'to guide a better and more stable development of China-India relations.'

The two should 'increase political mutual trust, properly manage differences and expand practical cooperation so as to guide a better and more stable development of bilateral ties,' Mr.  Xi said, according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry statement.

'2020 will be here soon, and I hope China-India relations will achieve new and greater development in the New Year,' the statement quoted Mr. Xi as saying. 'I welcome you to come to China for another meeting next year.'

The statement made no mention of Kashmir.