Hong Kong police evacuates Chinese students stuck in protests

Hong Kong police evacuates Chinese students stuck in protests

Agency News

Beijing, Nov 14: Hong Kong police said on Wednesday that they have evacuated a group of Chinese students from the campus of Hong Kong University, which has been an epicenter for violent protests, since Tuesday.

The group left the University, situated in Sha Tin area, via a police boat after students expressed concerns over their safety amid the campus riots.

Police noted that the situation at the varsity continued to worsen, despite the fact that law enforcement services and the institution's management had agreed to find a peaceful resolution to the situation.

After several days of clashes between the protesters and police, some of the officers were recalled, but as they left, the rioters expressed more aggression, throwing various objects.

Police once again called on the protesters to halt the illegal actions.

Since Monday, many streets in Hong Kong have plunged into chaos, with the police deploying tear gas, rubber bullets and batons to disperse the protestors.

The demonstrators, in turn, blocked a number of roads, threw Molotov cocktails (petrol bomb), stones and bricks. The chaos caused a major traffic collapse, leading to closure of metros, and forced cancellation of classes in some varsities. During the Monday clashes, law enforcement officers used firearms in three areas of the city, resulting in one person being injured.

Hong Kong's massive protests began in early June over a controversial extradition bill, which was officially withdrawn in October. During this time, police detained more than 3,600 protestors, the youngest of whom was 12-years-old. Additionally, more than 1,500 people were hospitalised and over 400 policemen were injured.

Despite the authorities' move to recall the controversial legislation, people have remained in the streets, demanding that police be held accountable for the alleged excessive use of force during the unrest. (UNI)