Anti-Brexit parties in UK create 60-seat alliance ahead of election

Anti-Brexit parties in UK create 60-seat alliance ahead of election

Agency News

London, Nov 7 : Anti-Brexit parties in the United Kingdom have set up a 60-seat alliance ahead of the general election to boost chances of pro-remain candidates, Heidi Allen, a former lawmaker for South Cambridgeshire, said on Thursday.

"So, we 're going to announce at 10 o'clock this morning there'll be 60 seats across England and Wales," Allen told the Sky News broadcaster.

The pact brings together the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Plaid Cymru, but not Labour. "We are delighted that an agreement with Plaid Cymru and the Green Party has been reached. We would like to thank @unitetoremain for making this possible. This is a significant moment for all people who want to support remain candidates across the country," the Liberal Democrats said in a statement.

The general election will be held on December 12. The vote will impact what happens with Brexit. The two major forces hold different views on Brexit — the Conservative Party headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants the UK out of the European Union by January 31, while Labour has suggested holding a second referendum.

The Brexit Party wants to leave the EU but does not like the deal negotiated by Johnson.

The Liberal Democrats are strongly against Brexit. The Scottish National Party is against leaving the EU as well, but they also want a second referendum on Scottish independence. (UNI)