Ayatollah Khomeini rules talks with US

Ayatollah Khomeini rules talks with US


Iran's supreme leader on Sunday again ruled out negotiations with Washington, a day before the 40th anniversary of the hostage crisis at the US embassy in Tehran. 'Those who see negotiations with the US as the solution to every problem are certainly mistaken,' Ayatollah Ali Khomeini said at a speech to mark the anniversary.

'Nothing will come out of talking to the US, because they certainly and definitely won't make any concessions.' On November 4, 1979, less than nine months after the toppling of Iran's American-backed Shah, students overran the embassy complex to demand the US hand over the ousted ruler after he was admitted to a US hospital.

'It goes back to the 1953 coup, when the U.S. overthrew a national govt. -- which had made the mistake of trusting the U.S. -- and established its corrupt and puppet govt. in Iran,' his Twitter said.

That CIA-organised coup, supported by Britain, toppled the hugely popular Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh who was responsible for nationalising Iran's oil industry. The coup reestablished the rule of country's last Shah, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi, who had fled the country in August 1953 after trying to dismiss Mossadegh.

Tensions have escalated again between Tehran and Washington since the President, Mr.  Donald Trump withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal last year and reimposed unilateral sanctions.

Khomenei pointed to North Korea's negotiations with the US as a sign of Washington's untrustworthiness, tweeting that 'they took photos and praised each other, but the Americans did not lift sanctions even a bit. 'That's how they are in negotiations; they'll say we brought you to your knees and won't make any concessions at the end.'