Lebanon PM to resign

Lebanon PM to resign


Lebanon's embattled Prime Minister, Mr. Saad Hariri has said that he will submit his cabinet's resignation, bowing to pressure from a mass protest movement that has crippled the country for nearly two weeks.

'I am going to Baabda Palace to submit the government's resignation to the President,' Mr.  Michel Aoun said. Mr. Hariri said his decision was 'in response to the will of many Lebanese who have taken to the streets to demand change' in what he called 'historic' protests.

'Posts come and go, what matters is the safety and dignity of the people,' Mr.  Hariri said. It is unusual for a prime minister to announce his cabinet's resignation before holding talks at the presidential palace in Baabda.

The sudden resignation - the third by Mr. Hariri in his career - will restart the complicated task of parliament forming a new government if it is accepted by the President.